Homage To The Animal: Visit The Local Pig

Local Pig KC
Local Pig KC

Support locally-raised, locally-loved meat at the Local Pig

The Local Pig is a godsend for those of us who refuse to eat factory-farmed meat and can’t always make it to the farmer’s market. It’s a little oasis of locally and sustainably raised meat, cut and curated really, really well. But it isn’t just for those who ask too many questions about where their meat came from – it’s for all people who love good meat.

From the familiar cuts like t-bone steaks, chicken breast and pork chops to delicacies like headcheese, coppa and pate – Local Pig has your meat needs covered. Plus, they go beyond meat and sell other local products – mushrooms, bread, honey, cheese and more.

Walking into the Local Pig is like stepping back to a simpler time when the butcher down the street hand-selected the local farmers to work with, prepared the meat with expert hands and wrapped it in paper for you to take home and enjoy.

S/O to Chef Alex Pope for taking a chance on Kansas City and bringing us this awesome shop!

Here’s the breakdown:


  • East Bottoms, what up!

Best time of day to visit:

  • You’ll get the most TLC during the week, but they are open everyday from 10:30am to 7:30pm

Recommended goodies:

  • Sausages: Thai Peanut, Chorizo Verde with Almonds
  • Pot Pies: You HAVE to get a pot pie!
  • Burgers: Gorgonzola or Blue Cheese (or if you’re feeling crazy – a Butter Burger – they stuff a 14-day dry aged burger with Shatto butter, so naughty!)


  • Old school butcher shop filled with a bunch of cool bearded dudes


  • Locally, responsibly raised meat
  • Friendly and creative staff with a passion for meat
  • Located in the East Bottoms – seriously a good reason to go exploring or grab a beer at Knuckleheads

Watch out for:

  • If you are used to purchasing meat at the supermarket, the Local Pig may seem expensive… trust me - it’s worth it!
  • You will go in to buy a couple burgers and leave with a grocery sack of delicious food (that may be a positive, just want you to be prepared!)


  • Sure – they offer other local staples like eggs, cheese and unique honeys


  • That’s pushing it for a butcher shop, but they do have delicious house-made pickles and other pickled items


  • Ask the folks behind the counter for recommendations. They are super helpful when you are deciding between a couple cuts or looking for the best way to cook something.
  • Serve Merguez Stuffed Dates at your next party
  • Don’t buy your buns from the grocery store – the Local Pig sells Farm to Market buns which are amazing
  • Stock up on some pot pies and stick them in the freezer – they make a great brunch or dinner when served with a small salad

Go there now: The Local Pig 2618 Guinotte Ave. Kansas City, MO 64120 816.200.1639 www.thelocalpig.com

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