You are busy running your business and marketing often takes a backseat to the day-to-day activities that need to happen. That's where Pink Moon Marketing comes in. 

We believe in the big picture behind your company. That means we look at your brand experience and target clients and use that knowledge to create a strategy to grow your business. We aim to broaden your perspective (whether you are a business owner or a busy marketing professional), strengthen your brand and help you reach your goals through brand development, strategic planning and smart tactics.


About Pink Moon Marketing

As a brand positioning + strategy development consultancy, Pink Moon Marketing helps Kansas City companies reach their goals through solid messaging and a smart marketing plan.

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Meet Christina Hergott

Christina ‘Stina’ Hergott has nearly 10 years of marketing experience. As the Founder of Pink Moon Marketing her focus is on the bigger picture of your brand experience.

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Strategic Marketing Package

The Strategic Marketing Development Package is a  guided process that allows us to look at the overall objectives of your business and create a specific plan to achieve those goals.

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